• Humble Beauty

    l love wearing Mona H jewelry. I own probably 5 different necklaces. Each one is one of a kind. When l travel to the beach l often wear my shark tooth or the shell. However,  in Nashville l could be wearing the antlers with the beads or the pearls with the hummingbird. Then there are the Auburn necklaces that l love to wear to the games. Each time l wear these someone stops me to comment on how pretty they are. I love them ,they make a statement . You can tell that love was designed into each individual piece. They are great gifts too. 

    - Pat D.

    Nashville, TN

  • Creative and Beautiful

    "I have purchased various items for myself and gifts for my friends. Mona is always a joy to visit with and she never tells me no or disappoints me with the custom items I have asked her to create.  Beautiful work and it has been great to reconnect with Mona after living miles apart since we had both moved from our small hometown, Opp, Alabama."

    - Danez J.

    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Ponte Vedra College Football

    "A few years ago I discovered Mona and the amazing job she does with college football necklaces… my husband and I go to at least four games this season so she has painted for me a Georgia bulldog, Auburn tiger, UAB blazer and a Ole Miss Rebel drop that I change out on a paper clip necklace. Whenever I wear them to a tailgate everyone always asked me where in the world did I get them. I love her take on different mascots but she has also done personalize gifts for me like a necklace with a Rottweiler for my sweet friend who’s female Rottweiler won best-of-breed at Westminster this year."

    - Ellen G.

     Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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