About the Artist

Mona Hugghins Hand-painted Jewelry Artist located in Ponte Vedra Beach FL


My love for art finds its roots in a special and cherished upbringing. Growing up next door to my grandmother's house, Sarah Young, ignited the spark that would forever shape my artistic journey.

Granny Young, as she was affectionately known in our small town of Opp, AL, had an enchanting art studio adjoining her home where she conducted daily classes. Captivated by her every brushstroke, I spent countless hours working alongside her, soaking in the essence of her craft. It was in her studio that I discovered my passion for china painting – the medium she mastered and the one that eventually became my artistic choice.

In 1983, after marrying my partner, we moved to Milwaukee, WS. Granny Young, foreseeing the challenges of this transition, gifted me a small kiln, brushes, and blank porcelain, saying, "You will need this." Amongst my nine cousins, I was the only one who wholeheartedly embraced the art of china painting.

Fast forward 40 years, and my passion for art burns brighter than ever. Alongside china painting, I have delved into the world of jewelry creation, curating mesmerizing collections that complement my artistic journey.

Deep down, I always knew I would carry forward Granny Young's legacy in china painting. In my studio, I continue to honor her memory, drawing inspiration from her spirit on a daily basis.

While my style may have evolved over time, my devotion to china painting remains unwavering. It's an art form that connects me to my grandmother, and I am proud to have embraced it as a part of my identity.

An interesting note to mention: My father's love for the iconic masterpiece, the MONA LISA, even influenced my name as the first daughter born – Mona Lisa!

Join me on this artistic voyage as we celebrate the beauty of china painting and the enduring legacy of my beloved Granny Young. Thank you for being a part of this journey!